The Opportunity Center

The COVID-19 crisis has unfortunately brought record unemployment numbers not seen since the Great Depression. People here in the Lowcountry will be seeking opportunities to improve their well-being…and we are planning to be at the center of it all, helping to answer that critical need. Together, with four other area non-profits, we are creating The Opportunity Center! This will be a much-needed resource for families and individuals that have faced economic hardships as a result of the pandemic. The Center will help create opportunities for those that have lost their jobs to gain new additional skills, career counseling, and financial literacy training with access to available financial resources.
The Opportunity Center will also provide free legal counseling and services for heirs’ property owners. Also, free forestry education and services will be available to help underserved families maximize the use of their land to create a sustainable enterprise that creates income. We will keep you informed periodically of the progress we’re making on the new Opportunity Center. Can you think of a better time for a solution-based concept like this? When the opportunity knocks, will you answer?
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