Charleston Covid-19 Update

It is with great regret that we bring you the news today of having to delay the opening of our 43rd Season. The magic of live theatre is about a gathering of live audiences and live performers together celebrating, interacting, and enjoying the play or musical at hand. At present we could not see a way to gather together while still ensuring the safety of our audiences and our performers. These are difficult, but necessary decisions. They will help ensure the health of our community and the financial health of Charleston Stage. This brief intermission from production will give us the financial strength to return with a full staff in January once we begin production again. We feel that it is best at this point, to err on the side of caution and reschedule and restructure our operations to weather this storm. If conditions do improve, this would also give us the resources and flexibility to reopen sooner. For now, however, we expect for the curtain to rise again on Charleston Stage productions in January 2021.

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